3 Criteria You Should Know Before Getting An Apartment In Shah Alam

Shah Alam, Selangor's state capital, is a modern township surrounded at its periphery by Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and five other major townships including Klang, Bangi, and Kajang. Situated halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Port Klang, the city is about 25 to 30 km west of the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur and just 15 minutes from Subang Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This city also has a lovely landscaped recreational park with an idyllic lakeside setting and even a “floating” restaurant in the vicinity. Shah Alam also possesses a world-class stadium and sports complex and an international standard racing track. Hailed as one of the most well-planned cities, Shah Alam has most of its residential area on one side of the Federal Highway and industrial zones on the other. Hence, Shah Alam has been constructed according to a blueprint drawn up with the environment at the forethought of the planners.

Before investing in an apartment in Shah Alam, let’s look through some important basic criteria to get you started right and fulfilling.

The good news is in Malaysia, our Government did well in regulating the real estate market. The establishment of REHDA (Real Estate & Housing Developers' Association) as the leading representative body for private property developers, being involved primarily in advocacy and governance. If any of these developers in Malaysia can be trusted and deemed to be reputable, they should be one of the members of REHDA.

One tip here is if you wanted to know whether a developer is a member of REHDA, check out REHDA’s member page at http://rehda.com/membership/#MembersListing and find out if the developer appears in the member’s list. This is not an end all be all list but it’s a pretty good start to vet out between the reputable and not so reputable ones.

Understandably, apartments may not have full-blown facilities & amenities like some high-end condominiums do but at least it must have all the essential ones with reasonable maintenance fees.

For a start, it should have at least a gated & guarded facility. Mandatory requirements for good security include high fencing, round the clock guard patrol, rudimentary entry checkpoint system, strategic placement of cameras, just to name a few.

Other basic facilities an apartment project must have include surau, playground/play area, rubbish depot and so on. Amenities within short walking distance that will be good to have an include grocery store, laundry shop and optionally an eatery spot.

It is ideal to get a place that is easily accessible and convenient to be reached via public transport. Shah Alam generally is quite a well-planned city and has public transport connectivity via the LRT and KTM whereby it covers some certain main areas to provide travel convenience. It is also highly accessible to important facilities and services such as malls, hospitals, medical centres and schools.

You May Want To Know This

Shah Alam residents in the majority are of the Muslim religion, so night outings such as pubs and bars are out of the question. The good news it is not too far away to Klang or Subang area if you are a night owl. If you look at it positively, your home is where it should be serene and relaxing, so this situation can be a blessing in disguise.

malaysia first home buyer

The Blue Mosque at Shah Alam, Selangor

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Damansara Apartments Or Landed Properties? Some Pros & Cons Identified

Did you know that the word ‘Damansara’ was a result of a spelling mistake made in the 1890s? The mistake was made when a land registrar mistook the letter "r" as "n", and wrongly merged the original two-word name. The name itself has no meaning; the original name has a specific meaning in old Malay and Sanskrit - "damar" is a type of resin obtained from a tropical tree, while "sara" means precious or important in Sanskrit.

Fast forward to now, there are just so many places known as Damansara. Just to name some of the popular ones, it includes Damansara Utama, Mutiara Damansara, Kota Damansara, Ara Damansara, Damansara Heights, Bandar Sri Damansara and many more. Whichever Damansara properties you are looking for, one thing is certain: It is geared towards metropolitan growth, the main question here is what type of properties should you look for based on your priorities and preferences. Let’s look through some pros and cons between apartments and landed properties in Damansara.

Getting An Apartment Unit at Damansara

The Upside (Pros) of an apartment in Damansara

High rise units usually come with the perks of having modern facilities and amenities that can be well utilised especially for young and growing families. Essential features in high rise projects include gated & guarded with surveillance systems, playgrounds and community centres. For a finer taste of living, there will be gyms, swimming pools, sauna as well as restaurants and groceries stores within the building itself. High rise owners are able to enjoy these facilities at the comfort of their own space and pace.

Due to the growth objectives of Damansara townships, apartments tend to have better rental yields which is one of the reasons why high-rise properties are catered for investment purposes rather than own stay. These units are targeted for students or young working adults whose colleges or workplace is nearby, and convenience plays a major role for them, hence the rental income.

The Downside (Cons) of an apartment in Damansara

The more you get, the more you pay. The added amenities in most high-rises come with a maintenance and management fee inclusive of the common area and necessary repairs for the building (sinking fund). Some apartments come with commercial titles which cause higher rates of utility bills. You may also be subject to GST for the services supplied by the Management Corporation (MC) or Joint Management Body (JMB) of your building.

Due to the nature of built-up space and unit area in general, there might be a lack of personal privacy. Unavoidable occurrences include minor traffic congestion due to parking issues, human traffic in lifts, problematic & noisy neighbourhoods and so on.

Getting A Landed Property

The Upside (Pros) of landed properties in Damansara

Homes in landed property provides better space, privacy, fewer restrictions and basically the freedom to decide how you want it to be. It is a better choice for raising a growing family (in numbers) and pets will never ever be an issue here! You may also park multiple cars at the porch, have some car wash session on weekends and have an easier way around bringing bigger and heavier items in and out of the house compared to high rise buildings.

Arguably, having your own landed property is literally owning not only what’s on top of the land, but the land itself.

The Downside (Cons) of landed properties in Damansara

Damansara is largely an urban area, which means the landed property will be more expensive to own as compared to a high-rise in general. Then again, if you are dead set to settle down in the Damansara area while desiring to enjoy the perks of a landed living, you would have settled the budgetary issues.

Another downside would be generally, landed properties are more vulnerable to break-ins & other related crimes with its slight compromise to security & surveillance as compared to high-rise projects. However, developers recently have implemented a gated & guarded system to their respective landed residential projects with nominal fees.


Settling down in any Damansara township, or even any other townships in the manner ultimately really boils down to two things: Your life’s priorities (career, family, future plans) and affordability. Once you have aligned them, the decision becomes much simpler.

LBS alam perdana house for sale

Melodi Perdana by LBS Alam Perdana

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Sungai Buloh's New Property In A Growing Gated And Guarded Township

Sungai Buloh with its new properties is making a considerable comeback with the growing demand for landed properties, particularly with gated and guarded facilities. Situated about 20km away from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, there is still so much to be offered in this town for comfort and greenery while living in the perks of its appreciative values and wholesome facilities.

It is most people’s dream to live in a home full of space, security, comfort and serenity. Sometimes, the thought of living while hustling and grinding in the city for the convenience of work and life balance blocks out so many ideas and potentiality of getting the definitive, suitable dream home that one may ever need. In simple words, houses further from the cities can be found on a much more negotiable value and provides better facilities and environment compared to usual commercial high-rise buildings. Although high rise buildings are favourites among younger individuals and couples for its in-house facilities and security, the spaces and privacy might pose some issue especially growing number of family members.

Now, what makes someone choose a landed property over any other? Here are some interesting facts of getting your own guarded and gated landed dream home in Sungai Buloh.

Gated & Guarded Security: An Essential Component For Modern Residential Projects

Crimes related to taking advantage of housing security issues is inevitable and it further stands to reason that gated and guarded security is essential in modern times. Living in a guarded and gated community literally means a much tighter and organized security even before entering the particular housing and residential area.

For residents and families living there, the access card could be utilised to move in and out of their homes. Meanwhile for outsiders who may be visitors or delivery services, would be required to show up their ID, have their details recorded prior to entering the guarded area. Some developers don’t even have their own gate in front of their homes as the “main gate” has been proven to be enough. Children could play around safely with much more spaces and fewer restrictions while parents would not need to be worried even a little of their safety.

It is basically like living in the usual “tamans” with a great community neighbourhood but with higher surveillance and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Security On A Wider Space

Some gated and guarded township comes with their own clubhouses whereby it provides public amenities and facilities for the residents living there. This may include swimming pool, badminton, squash or tennis court, golf course, playground, restaurants and bar, jogging tracks, community halls and more. It offers a more complete living experience for landed property owners, complementing similar to better privileges one may get from high rise buildings.

Gated And Guarded Township For A De Facto Standard Of Living

Living in guarded properties basically means a life with more serene, smaller crowds and a closer bond among the neighbourhood. Most developers choose locations with greeneries and closer to nature for improved quality of life and stay. For instance, Sungai Buloh houses that are usually surrounded by nurseries and trees. The homes are also much spacious and you get to have your own mini garden for beautiful plants and crops. Overall, a dream life is what it is living here.

lbs alam perdana puncak alam

LBS Alam Perdana

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Alam Perdana Started Just Like Damansara, Invest Now!

Damansara Perdana, the 750-acre township has been thriving alongside its neighbours Bandar Utama and Mutiara Damansara. It is highly accessible via three major highways: SPRINT Highway (Penchala Link), Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong and NKVE, which makes it a great choice for those working outside of the city centre as well as those working in the heart of the city. For those who rely on public transportation, Mutiara Damansara MRT station sits just five minutes away. Damansara has been dubbed the “Golden Triangle” of Petaling Jaya. In the property industry, Damansara is so remarkable that now there are more than 25 new property neighbourhoods, roads and landmark buildings in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that at least have the word Damansara as part of their project name.

One of its biggest advantages is its location which is in the gateway of KL and Petaling Jaya and the fact that it is surrounded by high-end neighbourhoods like Mutiara Damansara, Mont Kiara, Damansara Heights, TTDI and Tropicana. There is also a higher potential for infrastructure upgrades by the government such as public transportation systems, educational and health institutions.

With its already rapid development, a savvy investor may want to maximize their investment potential by identifying another up and coming township that has immense growth potential. There is this one township that you should pay close attention.

An Undiscovered Gem: What’s The Growing Township Next To Damansara?

Before we talk about the township, let’s talk about its location which is Puncak Alam. It is considered a relatively new township that has been silently growing. It was a FELDA-owned palm estate that began development in the late ’90s. In 2001, it was taken over by a private company as the principal developer.  Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam takes up across 1,085.75 acres of land with quite a dense population of students and staff working there.

There are already at least 9 property developers in it, including various types of properties such as apartments, terraced houses, superlink homes, bungalow lots, semi-detached clusters and commercial properties. One wonders why these big developers plunged in billions of ringgits for years in a pretty unassuming approach in growing this place.

Do you know that ECRL Phase 2 is in progress over here? This estimated length of 88 km railway will cover the stretch from Gombak North to Port Klang (Jalan Kastam) through Serendah and two more future stations located at Puncak Alam and Kapar.

Enter Alam Perdana

Sprawling over 470 acres of land with lush greenery, Alam Perdana represents a symbiotic relationship between nature and the community. The mixed development contains more than just good houses, it will be a community-centric haven as well. This means the inclusion of education hubs, community centres, life-enhancing facilities and plenty of natural and landscaped paths and gardens to explore. To top it off, it will be fully gated-and-guarded for a total security comfort.

Our projects; Simfoni Perdana, Irama Perdana, Rentak Perdana and Melodi Perdana are named with musical elements in mind, which resonates with closely-knitted community living.

LBS alam perdana township 

The aerial view of Alam Perdana township, a feature-complete mixed development for all walks of life.

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3 Key Factors People Invested & Stayed In Shah Alam Property

Shah Alam’s properties are a viable choice for young families, professionals and students to live, especially for those who work around Klang Valley. Shah Alam’s growing population has fuelled housing demand, which has grown by 38.5% after it gained city status in 2000. Unlike Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya cities which have grown organically, Shah Alam is a structured master-planned city. With different sections developed such as sports, education, government administration centre, and industrial developments; housing developments are generally low density in a pleasant green environment with recreational parks like the Shah Alam National Botanical Gardens.

Shah Alam was once perceived as a Malay area due to large tracts of Malay reserve land here but it has become more multi-racial over the years. Coupled with new housing projects that target young homebuyers, commercial activities have grown and Shah Alam is becoming more vibrant and diverse.


Located about 30 kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur city centre and about 20 kilometres from Port Klang, Shah Alam’s strategic location gives its industrial sector an advantage and as long as industries here thrive, they will have a spillover effect on housing, retail and services, education and leisure and entertainment. Setia City Mall and Central i-City shopping mall offers plenty of entertainment, F&B, and retail offerings while becoming the go-to places for residents in Shah Alam, especially during the weekends. The malls even attract people from Klang and Subang Jaya.



Shah Alam is well adapted for the work-life balance that it provides, whereby one does not need to travel anything more than 30 kilometres to connect to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, housing affordability, availability of jobs and its student population also contribute to strong rental demand in Shah Alam. With established townships or master-planned gated-and-guarded communities, such as Setia Alam, Kota Kemuning, Glenmarie, Section 13 and Seksyen U1, U2, U5, and U8, it has a good yield of investment returns.


One of the key factors would be an efficient public transport system. The Light Rapid Transit (LRT) connects some areas of Shah Alam through the Gombak-Putra Height Line. Meanwhile, there is also KTM transit available along with Shah Alam through the KL Sentral- Pelabuhan Klang Line. Moreover, there are many schools and educational institutions located in Shah Alam including the Tenby International School in Setia Alam, the Chinese Taipei School Kuala Lumpur in Bukit Rimau, Maz International School in Seksyen 7, R.E.A.L International School, Sekolah Seri Cahaya in Seksyen U9, Management & Science University in Seksyen 13 and KDU University College in Utropolis Glenmarie.

Seems Like A Great City, But…

Don’t get it wrong, Shah Alam is a thriving city with matching credentials, but probably the prices, in general, are climbing up, matching to the likes of properties at Klang Valley/KL areas, if not exceeding it. Is there a possibility to still own a reasonably good terrace house with premium facilities in a nicely managed township with great potential for less than RM500,000?

Yes, there is, and you will find this unbelievable. Head on to https://lbs-alamperdana.com.my/ to find out more about their latest project, Alam Perdana.

irama perdana house for sale

Irama Perdana by LBS Alam Perdana

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Quick Guide On Rawang's Property: The Latest Happenings

Rawang used to be a less known township. It started with the tin mining industry as it was the second area in Selangor to be explored for mining. Today, Rawang has progressively developed by transforming from an ordinary old town into an urbanised township. The constant urbanisation attracts more people to buy landed properties and reside in Rawang, as it is viewed as a more affordable alternative compared to Klang Valley & KL areas.

The opening of the 9km toll-free highway, Rawang Bypass, in 2017, has tremendously reduced travelling time, especially during peak hours from Rawang to the City Centre from the incredibly painful two-hour journey to just 30 minutes. The bypass features the famous 2.7km elevated stretch which stands at 58.2 metres and has earned it its reputation as the tallest highway in Malaysia as well as one of the tallest highway structures in Asia.

Primarily due to the greater ease of accessibility, Rawang experienced a greater influx of new property buyers turned residents for the past 5 years. With a slight sacrifice of a half-hour drive to KL & Klang Valley areas, they are able to enjoy lower prices of acquiring a home while at the same time satisfying their work/business priorities.

What’s The Latest Happenings In The Rawang Property Scene?

In 2020, there are no significant findings to note about Rawang’s property scene. Undoubtedly, there are more new developers joining in the bandwagon and together with the existing developers, as they are introducing more new projects for aspiring property buyers.

Like any budding township, Rawang may have experienced significant growth for the past 5 years or so, but like anything else in life especially a growth prospects of something in the grand scale of things like a township, prices have been rerated to reflect the latest growth status which has become way more expensive compared to when it first began. It is best not to expect further exponential growth (in terms of property prices at least) by joining in the bandwagon at current times.

Is There Another Option?

According to Property Guru, the median price for properties at Rawang is RM858,000, based on 31,705 units sold preceding 12 months. To put in another perspective, an excerpt from a 2015 article from Property Insight cited this:

“…commented that new landed properties launching at RM400,000 are the norm in Rawang nowadays, “compared to RM150,000, five to ten years ago.”

And that was 5 years ago. For more accurate data, you may want to do a quick search online for Rawang’s property prices and one thing is for certain: It has gone up multiple times more than how low it used to be.

There is this one township where its location has enjoyed lots of progress & growth, albeit unknown and went off most people’s radar…

Enter LBS Alam Perdana

Sprawling over 470 acres of natural & lush greenery land, LBS Alam Perdana showcases the best project that Puncak Alam has to offer. This mixed development offers premium houses amidst the beautiful landscapes and tons of facilities at an unbelievably affordable price.

Just do a quick online search about Puncak Alam or Bandar Puncak Alam and you will not believe how much has changed in terms of city development. With many prominent developers going in and pouring billions of ringgit to develop this place, this is one place you should pay close attention.

After that, log on to https://lbs-alamperdana.com.my and take a leisure view. You will find plenty to love about LBS Alam Perdana.

property for sale near rawang

LBS Alam Perdana at Bandar Puncak Alam


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Top Reasons For You To Pick Sungai Buloh's House For Sale

Sungai Buloh or as directly translated “bamboo river” is a sub-district of Petaling Jaya and borders the Gombak district. As much as Sungai Buloh is well known of the governmental hospital located here, it was once a large leprosy settlement during the British Occupation in the 1930’s. The area has been then segregated with its principle and values, by forming a Leprosy Research Institute, whereby the nursery is still around up till today. The city has definitely been going through rapid development, both in landscape & infrastructure. Although there’s hardly any bamboo trees in the area these days, one can actually notice the place sprouting with high end gated and guarded communities.

Sungai Buloh: A Highly Strategic Location With Great Accessibility

It is situated about 25km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur and is conveniently accessible to established retail areas such as IKEA, The Curve in Mutiara Damansara which is only 15 minutes via the Sungai Buloh Exit on the North Klang Valley Expressway or NKVE or the Penchala exit on the Lebuhraya Damansara- Puchong (LDP). Residents of Sungai Buloh can also reach Kuala Lumpur city centre via the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) and the Duta – Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE). The 51km MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) Line begins from Sungai Buloh MRT station, located to the north-west of Kuala Lumpur, and runs through the city centre of Malaysia’s capital city before ending in Kajang MRT station. The MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang line has 31 stations of which seven that run underground for a distance of 9.5km beneath the centre of Kuala Lumpur while the rest of the alignment is elevated.

Living Close To Nature Yet Conveniently Close To The City

Since being further away from the bustling city, houses in Sungai Buloh are comparatively cheaper and conform to a much quality living with less financial commitments. Moreover, the surroundings are much more compelling for those who prefer living with lush greenery & a more laid-back lifestyle suitable for families with kids and the elderly. Most of their landed projects are essentially gated & guarded, one of the important requirements for a safer modern living.

Great Amenities & Facilities To Grow & Prosper

There are two international schools here, which are the IGB International School and ELC International School as well as major schools such as SMK Bandar Sungai Buloh and SMK Bukit Rahman Putra. Not just schools, there are also some higher institutions of learning such as Segi College, Help University College and UiTM’s medical faculty. Students who live around in Sungai Buloh could benefit from saving their monthly rent, transportation and meal costs while staying close to their families. Meanwhile, Hospital Sungai Buloh is one of the pioneering governmental hospitals in Malaysia and is well known for its great medical services.

You Don’t Need Many Reasons, Only One To Get The Ball Rolling

There could be many reasons that trigger us to settle down or avoid a place, but often it always comes down to one strong, compelling reason.

Budget & life priorities aside, to sum up Sungai Buloh in a nutshell; it is a well-developed city known for its preservation of flora & fauna in important areas, yet it is fairly near to the most happening city in Malaysia that is Kuala Lumpur.

What If Budget Is A Concern And You Are Looking For A Different Location?

Just do a quick online search about Puncak Alam or Bandar Puncak Alam and you will not

believe how much has changed in terms of city development, considering that many prominent

developers went in and poured billions of ringgit worth of development costs. If you are looking only the best-mixed development that Puncak Alam has to offer, enter LBS Alam Perdana.

Sprawling over 470 acres of natural & lush greenery land, LBS Alam Perdana offers premium houses amidst the beautiful landscapes and tons of facilities at an unbelievably affordable price. Log on to https://lbs-alamperdana.com.my and take a leisure view. Better still, after viewing it, take a quick trip over there to have a real view at the place to visualize your dream home over there and own it.

park near sungai buloh property

Kepong Metropolitan Park, one of the attractions near Sungai Buloh, is a 95-hectare park which includes open space for kite flying, cycling trails & a lake with a boathouse. Source: http://www.visitkl.gov.my/


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Meta Title: Sungai Buloh New Houses For Sale: Top Reasons To Pick This Location

Meta Description: Sungai Buloh houses for sale are mainly popular for its preservation of flora & fauna as its signature yet near to KL city. See more reasons why you should want to stay here.

Home Ownership Campaign (HOC): Why Malaysia Housebuyers Should Take Advantage Of It Before It's Too Late

The Malaysian government under the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, has reintroduced the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) to give financial relief to individual home buyers, as well as promote the growth and increase home property buying in Malaysia. The HOC Malaysia campaign which ran throughout 2019, is now back again with new incentives.

What Is the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) Malaysia?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in the year 2020, and of course, many Malaysians are badly hit as well. As Malaysia enters the Restricted Movement Control Order (RMCO) phase, many industries are affected, including the property and real estate industry. Being proactive, the Malaysian government reintroduced the HOC campaign with the intention to facilitate more Malaysians who are desiring to own new homes even during pandemic economic crisis times.

home ownership campaign malaysia

What Are The Proposed Incentives In Store For The Upcoming HOC?

Do take note that the below are proposed incentives for the new Home Ownership Campaign in Malaysia and may be subject to change, pending an official announcement:

1) Malaysia HOC campaign offers you Stamp Duty exemption for instruments of transfer and loan agreement for the purchase of homes worth RM300,000 to RM2.5 million.

2) You will enjoy exemption on the instrument of transfer, limited to RM1 million of the property price under the HOC 2020.

3) Full stamp duty exemption will be given to you on a loan agreement for Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPA) signed between 1st June 2020 to 31st May 2021.

4) The Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) is exempted for you as a homebuyer (limited to 3 units of residential property per individual from 1st June 2020 to 31st December 2021).

5) 70% margin of financing limit will be waived - This was applicable for 3rd residential property valued at RM600,000 and above (Ability to obtain loans subject to internal risk and assessments of respective financial institutions).

To Recap, Home Ownership Campaign 2019 Offers You:

1) Up to RM1 million full stamp duty exemption for name transfer letters for residential properties worth between RM300,000 to RM1 million.

2) HOC 2019 gives you Partial stamp duty exemption up to RM2.5 million - You pay only 3% stamp duty for name transfer letters if you purchase a home worth more than RM1 million.

3) All properties within the HOC campaign will receive stamp duty exemption on Instrument of Securing Loans.

4) Under HOC 2019, you will also enjoy 10% house discount on the purchase price of homes listed under this campaign.

To be eligible for the latest HOC campaign, these criteria must be fulfilled:

1) HOC Campaign applicable for residential properties purchased by Malaysian citizens only (Foreign buyers do not qualify);

2) Purchase under the HOC Malaysia must be of a new property from a property developer or co-purchaser only (not a subsale);

3) A minimum 10% discount given by the developer to the purchase eligible properties that are registered with REHDA Malaysia (for Peninsular Malaysia) and SHEDA or SHAREDA (for Sabah and Sarawak);

4) Property prices between RM300,000 to RM2.5 million (before 10% discount). 

Take Action Before It's Too Late!

There is no better time than NOW to finally purchase that Home you have been looking at and desiring to own! On top of the HOC campaign, property developer LBS Group's Managing Director, Tan Sri Lim Hock San has also unveiled an additional incentive package for its Alam Perdana mixed residential Township to help Malaysians own a home at Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor.

Under this campaign, homebuyers can enjoy free SPA legal fees, free loan legal fees, free loan stamp duty, free MOT stamp duty, free 3 months service charge, as well as a free television!* You can select between Simfoni Perdana (Completed), Rentak Perdana, and Melodi Perdana housing projects and you can save a minimum of 10% on rebates.

LBS Alam Perdana HOC

* terms and conditions apply


1) https://dnh.com.my/penjana-economic-package-new-property-incentives-in-2020/

2) https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-guides/home-ownership-campaign-hoc-2020-all-you-need-to-know-15274

3) https://www.bernama.com/en/news.php?id=1848479

4) https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-news/2020/6/189149/lbs-lauds-government-initiatives-and-proposes-additional-measures-to-aid-first-time-homebuyers

5) https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-news/2020/6/188854/lbs-extends-deals-campaign-due-to-overwhelming-response

Searching For Rawang House For Sale? Check Out This Gated And Guarded Township Instead

Rawang is one of the oldest satellite towns of Kuala Lumpur. It was founded since the early 19th century and was the second area in Selangor to be explored for tin mining. The fast-improving property development and demand has opened the residential property market in Rawang. The rapid development that happened since the mid-2000s occurred largely due to increasing consumer demand: It is perceived that Rawang offered an alternative for affordable living as compared to owning a property in Klang Valley or Kuala Lumpur, albeit at a further distance from where they will commute to work.

There is a discernible pattern here. Most of us would want to settle in a township that is serene with good growth potential, in a good house with an affordable price tag. When it is not possible to afford it at the heart of a city, we look for the next best alternative, pay less for more kind of deal.

With Rawang being its property prices rerated to commensurate with the status of its growth, it is time for us to look for an up and coming township with plenty of growth potential, especially in the modern times.

Enter LBS Alam Perdana: The Most Exciting Township That Has Immense Opportunity

Before we mention anything about LBS Alam Perdana, let’s talk about this gem of the location they are in Puncak Alam. In a span of 20 years in this relatively new township:

Sounds like a lot of exciting things happening in Puncak Alam. Why LBS Alam Perdana?

Premium Living At Affordable Prices

Located at Bandar Puncak Alam, this 470-acre gated & guarded township packs a lot of value for a serene, premium living.

Lush greenery with landscaped features that respect the surrounding flora & fauna, this can be evidently seen in the planned aerial shots of their township. The mixed development comes with 4 projects that have tastefully designed landed & high-rise properties. The facilities that come with each project are meticulously planned & built for wholesome living. Each project easily has more than 30 facilities on average. Rentak Perdana itself has 43 types of facilities, something that is rarely seen for a complete, terrace house living experience.

See To Believe, An Unbelievably Superb Deal

Check out https://lbs-alamperdana.com.my/ and see for yourself what they really mean by inspired community living. View the concept of the project, feast your eyes with its splendid properties and also a handy price list.

If there is one township that is poised to become the next big, happening thing in the property scene, this will be it.


house for sale near rawang

Rentak Perdana @ LBS Alam Perdana

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Items You Should Have With You At All Times To Minimize The Impact Of Covid-19

It isn’t a secret that we are all somewhat consumed with paranoia due to the recent global outbreak of what is now known as Covid-19 (formally known as Corona Virus or Wuhan Virus).

Just the gist of what Covid-19 is - it is a severe respiratory disease where it will strike the lungs first, and thrives in damp or humid environment. However, the virus will not survive under hot temperatures. The virus spreads through physical contact, for example – shaking hands, sneezing on someone and even opening door handles.

Recently our Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, has declared a restrictive action whereby citizens of Malaysia will be advised to stay home at all times. Shop lots and whatnot have initiated a lockdown until the 31st of March 2020.

Here are some items that should be with you at all times to minimize the impact of Covid-19:

Water For Consumption (The Most Important)

The easiest but the most overlooked way to trash the virus in your body (just in case) is to drink more water. This is so that if the virus is in your mouth or throat (incubation of covid-19 is about 2 weeks!), the water will rinse down whatever is in the mouth down to the stomach where the hydrochloric acid in us will kill it off.

Better be safe than sorry. Water also helps to keep our immune system in check due to the minerals. If you happen to forget your bottle of water at home, get it from convenience stores and pharmacies near you!

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers that contain alcohol and other active ingredients work to kill off germs (bacteria, virus, protozoa). Some hand sanitizers even have good ingredients that can give you continuous protection for hours. It does not matter if you have been at home all day or at somewhere you might think is clean, we must make it a habit right now to always keep our hands sanitized!

Common alcohol-based sanitizers only kill these germs for matter of minutes before it will regrow again from external sources (unless it is germicidal). You might want to get better hand sanitizers that can give you continuous protection for hours; look for germicidal properties in it before you buy.

Wet Wipes

Get some wet wipes to quickly wipe and disinfect around you. For instance, by giving the table edge a clean wipe or even the chairs just in case. This is because if someone sneezed on the table or chair before you came along then there is a chance the germs manifested will remain there for days. It is best to be extra wary of your surroundings.

Many shops are closed due to Covid-19, including restaurants and grocery shops. However, pharmacies remain open in case anyone needs to restock their hand sanitizers or any other medications. For places in Alam Perdana, there are known pharmacies to be opened until the wee hours such as:

Where to get in Alam Perdana?

Farmasi Puncak Alam - https://g.page/farmasi-puncak-alam-sdn-bhd?share

Green Life Pharmacy - https://goo.gl/maps/KJbAxUsNtAh2wNp26


Face masks are essential in this time of need. It may not be the best way to protect yourself against germs, but it is handy and also one of the best ways for a person to infect others. However, be mindful that different types of masks have different functions. For example:

1. Cloth-like masks – keeps in large particles (dust, etc.)

2. Surgical masks – prevents any particles secreted from you as the wearer, to your surroundings. It is a physical barrier from any large droplets (coughs and sneeze).

3. N95 Respirator – a tight fit mask that reduces exposure to smaller particles in the air
Many people have misunderstood the purpose of said different masks and have the mentality that they all have the SAME purpose which is incorrect.

Where to get in Alam Perdana?

Masks are usually not easily available or in stocks, so it is best for you to be in touch with pharmacies nearby you so that you will get informed of any new stocks’ availability.

In these trying times, we must be ready to take every necessary precaution and as always, stay indoors as much as you can!