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21August 2020

Top Reasons For You To Pick Sungai Buloh’s House For Sale

Sungai Buloh or as directly translated “bamboo river” is a sub-district of Petaling Jaya and borders the Gombak district. As much as Sungai Buloh is well known of the governmental hospital located here, it was once a large leprosy settlement during the British Occupation in the 1930’s. The area [...]

14August 2020

Home Ownership Campaign (HOC): Why Malaysia Housebuyers Should Take Advantage Of It Before It’s Too Late

The Malaysian government under the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, has reintroduced the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) to give financial relief to individual home buyers, as well as promote the growth and increase home property buying in Malaysia. The HOC Malaysia campaign which ran throughout 2019, is now [...]

10August 2020

Searching For Rawang House For Sale? Check Out This Gated And Guarded Township Instead

Rawang is one of the oldest satellite towns of Kuala Lumpur. It was founded since the early 19th century and was the second area in Selangor to be explored for tin mining. The fast-improving property development and demand has opened the residential property market in Rawang. The rapid development that [...]

20March 2020

Items You Should Have With You At All Times To Minimize The Impact Of Covid-19

Items You Should Have With You At All Times To Minimize The Impact Of Covid-19 It isn’t a secret that we are all somewhat consumed with paranoia due to the recent global outbreak of what is now known as Covid-19 (formally known as Corona Virus or Wuhan Virus). Just [...]

20March 2020

Covid-19 In Malaysia: The Quick Checklist of a Survivor’s Guide

Covid-19 In Malaysia: The Quick Checklist of a Survivor's Guide Covid-19 for lack of a better term, is really an unpleasant surprise to all of us. With the recent official announcement made by the Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin on the restricted movement order, it caught a lot of [...]

10January 2020

Shah Alam Property Seekers Are on The Rise but They Are Also Curious About This One Particular Township

Being the capital city of Selangor, which is one of the biggest GDP contributors for our country, Shah Alam became a favourite hotspot for buyers looking for old or new property for sale. Developed in line with growth prospects focusing on governance, economy, education, infrastructure and culture, Shah Alam [...]