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10January 2020

Shah Alam Property Seekers Are on The Rise but They Are Also Curious About This One Particular Township

Being the capital city of Selangor, which is one of the biggest GDP contributors for our country, Shah Alam became a favourite hotspot for buyers looking for old or new property for sale. Developed in line with growth prospects focusing on governance, economy, education, infrastructure and culture, Shah Alam [...]

10January 2020

Why Are Landed House & Apartment Owners in Rawang Begin to Pay Attention to Puncak Alam?

Rawang is one of the oldest satellite towns of Kuala Lumpur. It was founded since the early 19th century and was the second area in Selangor to be explored for tin mining. In the mid-2000s, Rawang underwent a rapid development. Lots of commercial (especially light industries) and new residential [...]

10January 2020

Why Puncak Alam Has Been Gaining Attention from Buyers Who Are Searching for New Houses for Sale in Sungai Buloh?

Sungai Buloh has come a long way to be a popular township to live in. Now, it has multiple access from major highways and public transportation (mainly trains like KTM and MRT), education and studying institutions like local and international schools and availability of essential amenities like hypermarkets (Tesco, [...]

9January 2020

Why Are Properties & Apartments in Damansara Taken Up Quickly? Where Is the Next Location to Aim For?

When we talk about the prospects and desires of getting a new property like landed house and apartment for sale, more often than not the word ‘Damansara’ will be mentioned somehow. Did you know that the word ‘Damansara’ was misspelt for more than a century? The place was actually [...]