Why Are Property & House Owners in Rawang Begin to Pay Attention to Puncak Alam?

January 10, 2020

Rawang is one of the oldest satellite towns of Kuala Lumpur. It was founded in the early 19th century and was the second area in Selangor to be explored for tin mining.

In the mid-2000s, Rawang underwent rapid development. Lots of commercial (especially light industries) and new residential properties were being constructed to facilitate population growth. One of the main reasons that contribute to such development is because most of them have chosen instead to stay at Rawang and commute to Kuala Lumpur for work purposes due to property price differences.

Although Rawang now has multiple access to Kuala Lumpur via highways especially the new Rawang Bypass, the place itself has an almost inherent problem that is still left unsolved: Poor road & traffic design as well as its subpar conditions. Although not officially documented, scour the web by yourself or if you are staying in Rawang, most of them will unanimously agree that the traffic condition here is still a daily nightmare.

So, if the never-ending traffic problem is something that you want to avoid, plus you want a place to start with a clean slate for long term potential growth, where would you look for it?

Enter Puncak Alam, Selangor.

A Promising Property Development Township Just Next to Rawang

Developed in the late 90s and undergone rapid transformation beginning in the year 2001, Puncak Alam is considered a relatively new township. In a span of about 20 years, it has been extensively developed by numerous developers and several public amenities have been established, serving as a groundwork to become a complete community ecosystem.

Here’s Why New Houses & Properties Are Mushrooming in This New Township Near Rawang:

1) There’s already a prominent university with a big campus in it: It is a well-known fact that wherever there is a place that facilitates a learning hub for students, it is almost guaranteed that it can act as a catalyst to drive economic growth. The UiTM campus in Puncak Perdana is built across 1,085.75 acres of land. It was built to contain the surplus of more than 20,000 students specifically from its main campus in Shah Alam.

2) There are at least 9 renowned property developers building properties over there: Since the emergence of Shah Alam 2 in early 2000s, these developers already have a far-sighted vision to join the bandwagon and expand even bigger. Starting from creating commercial properties like light industrial warehouses and factories and subsequently residential units to cater for the growing population (thanks to the influx of students and university staff too), it will only become more prominent and influential to be the next city to look for when everywhere else has been saturated in terms of growth rate.

3) There is already a hospital under construction: Currently, UiTM Hospital, Sungai Buloh is under construction and it is on track to be completed pretty soon. Obviously, it will be primarily filled with graduates from related study fields to form a major part of the workforce.

Rawang Property Development, Watch Out for This Booming Township

As it is relatively new, it is not constrained by the limitations of an old township whereby there is not much room to facilitate the implementation of new town/city planning. In other words, there is a lot of room and opportunity to grow the place in line with fresh and innovative implementations.

No doubt the prices of property in Puncak Alam has been increasing but it is still at a slower rate and still sold at attractive prices. It will be worth paying close attention to this underrated place as it has tons of potential to become the next big city to live in, not to mention the capital appreciation opportunities.

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