Our Story


When the vast piece of green land was first discovered in the tranquil township of Bandar Puncak Alam, it was foreseen that it will become an ideal place to live and grow for many generations to come. The township represents a symbiotic relationship between nature and the community.

Striking a balance between visionary planning and preserving the state of nature, we build this fully-featured integrated township over a 470 acre of land. The mixed development contains more than just good houses, it will be a community-centric haven as well. This means the inclusion of education hubs, community centers, life-enhancing facilities and plenty of natural and landscaped paths and gardens to explore. To top it off, it will be fully gated-and-guarded for a total security comfort.

Our projects; Simfoni Perdana, Irama Perdana, Rentak Perdana and Melodi Perdana are named with musical elements in mind, which resonates with closely-knitted community living. Life is great with LBS Alam Perdana.



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