Why Puncak Alam Has Been Gaining Attention from Buyers Who Are Searching for New Houses for Sale in Sungai Buloh?

January 10, 2020

Sungai Buloh has come a long way to be a popular township to live in. Now, it has multiple access from major highways and public transportation (mainly trains like KTM and MRT), education and studying institutions like local and international schools and availability of essential amenities like hypermarkets (Tesco, The Store and Giant). For medical treatment, three major health institutions like Putra Medical Centre, Tropicana Medical Centre and Sungai Buloh General Hospital are ready to accommodate for such demands.

With rapid development, comes rerating on property prices, be it landed property or high rise like apartments. In addition, traffic conditions worsen in certain parts of the place such as the roads at Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh. Then again, this is to be expected.

There is this one township that deserves your attention with its still affordable price of properties, a good growth potential and better traffic conditions.

Just Like Sungai Buloh, Every New Property Has Its Own Beginning

It is true that if you were to compare it now, Puncak Alam still needs more development to gain some traction. However, if you take a closer inspection, there are already lots of investments and developments poured in many years ago. This begs one question: What are they really doing here and what kind of foresight do they have to be willing to invest heavily in this place?

Below are the things that have been going on recently. Draw your own conclusion and if they have been paying attention to their money and efforts, at least you might want to have a second, if not first look on it.

New Property with A Viable Township

1) There are already at least 9 developers pouring in billions of ringgits of development value: Following the mega project of Shah Alam 2 back in the early 2000s, many more developers (private or public listed companies alike) built all types of properties to suit everyone’s needs. Starting from light industry properties and now all sorts of residential units to cater to the growing population. Speaking of growing population…

2) Growing population from the emergence of this university: UiTM has this campus built in Puncak Perdana since 2009. Measuring 1,085.75 acres, it was built to contain the surplus of more than 20,000 students specifically from its main campus in Shah Alam. This is the catalyst of a “university effect” whereby the existence of a studying institution effect will create a spillover in the growth of the economy and population count.

3) ECRL Phase 2 to boost the prospect of the township: This estimated length of 88 km railway will cover the stretch from Gombak North to Port Klang (Jalan Kastam) through Serendah and two more future stations located at Puncak Alam and Kapar.

Whether It Is New or For Sale, Properties Here Will Grow, With or Without You

With a very unique location beside not one but four prominent cities ie. Klang, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, it will definitely experience an influx of new individuals and families who want a new township living experience. Whether it is for education, career opportunities or as a retirement spot, Puncak Alam should be part of your list to research over for a property investment opportunity for the long run.


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