Items You Should Have With You At All Times To Minimize The Impact Of Covid-19

March 20, 2020

It isn’t a secret that we are all somewhat consumed with paranoia due to the recent global outbreak of what is now known as Covid-19 (formally known as Corona Virus or Wuhan Virus).

Just the gist of what Covid-19 is - it is a severe respiratory disease where it will strike the lungs first, and thrives in damp or humid environment. However, the virus will not survive under hot temperatures. The virus spreads through physical contact, for example – shaking hands, sneezing on someone and even opening door handles.

Recently our Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, has declared a restrictive action whereby citizens of Malaysia will be advised to stay home at all times. Shop lots and whatnot have initiated a lockdown until the 31st of March 2020.

Here are some items that should be with you at all times to minimize the impact of Covid-19:

Water For Consumption (The Most Important)

The easiest but the most overlooked way to trash the virus in your body (just in case) is to drink more water. This is so that if the virus is in your mouth or throat (incubation of covid-19 is about 2 weeks!), the water will rinse down whatever is in the mouth down to the stomach where the hydrochloric acid in us will kill it off.

Better be safe than sorry. Water also helps to keep our immune system in check due to the minerals. If you happen to forget your bottle of water at home, get it from convenience stores and pharmacies near you!

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers that contain alcohol and other active ingredients work to kill off germs (bacteria, virus, protozoa). Some hand sanitizers even have good ingredients that can give you continuous protection for hours. It does not matter if you have been at home all day or at somewhere you might think is clean, we must make it a habit right now to always keep our hands sanitized!

Common alcohol-based sanitizers only kill these germs for matter of minutes before it will regrow again from external sources (unless it is germicidal). You might want to get better hand sanitizers that can give you continuous protection for hours; look for germicidal properties in it before you buy.

Wet Wipes

Get some wet wipes to quickly wipe and disinfect around you. For instance, by giving the table edge a clean wipe or even the chairs just in case. This is because if someone sneezed on the table or chair before you came along then there is a chance the germs manifested will remain there for days. It is best to be extra wary of your surroundings.

Many shops are closed due to Covid-19, including restaurants and grocery shops. However, pharmacies remain open in case anyone needs to restock their hand sanitizers or any other medications. For places in Alam Perdana, there are known pharmacies to be opened until the wee hours such as:

Where to get in Alam Perdana?

Farmasi Puncak Alam -

Green Life Pharmacy -


Face masks are essential in this time of need. It may not be the best way to protect yourself against germs, but it is handy and also one of the best ways for a person to infect others. However, be mindful that different types of masks have different functions. For example:

1. Cloth-like masks – keeps in large particles (dust, etc.)

2. Surgical masks – prevents any particles secreted from you as the wearer, to your surroundings. It is a physical barrier from any large droplets (coughs and sneeze).

3. N95 Respirator – a tight fit mask that reduces exposure to smaller particles in the air
Many people have misunderstood the purpose of said different masks and have the mentality that they all have the SAME purpose which is incorrect.

Where to get in Alam Perdana?

Masks are usually not easily available or in stocks, so it is best for you to be in touch with pharmacies nearby you so that you will get informed of any new stocks’ availability.

In these trying times, we must be ready to take every necessary precaution and as always, stay indoors as much as you can!

Get The Latest Info on COVID19 from Malaysia Ministry of Health



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